Photograph 1-3 by Peter Rosvik.

Expecting Loss
Expecting Loss explored imagined timescapes of the area around Röda Sten in Gotheburg during GIBCA 2019 through durational actions and transient materiality. The art piece was a collaboration between Hanna Romin and Kaisa Luukkonen that combined their artistic practices of experimental drawing, material practice, and performative actions.

The exploration consisted of creating objects to depict different timescapes out of paper and cardboard. Every day, from 20th to 29th of September 2019 one object was moved from the exhibition space A Blue Horse. Each action was between 20 minutes to 3 hours in duration. The ten objects were moved according to each object’s imagined time and qualities. Their movements were marked out in white and blue chalk with a chalk machine designed for the art piece. These explorative actions generated lines that intervened and entangled with the walking paths, parking lots and architecture of the site, the objects and lines were placed to be interacted with by elements and audience alike.