In my drawings, I often work with memorabilia. Objects carry memories and personal stories. Through the line and my hand, I understand the objects more physically and directly than through looking. I often construct rules to guide the drawings outside of my control. My drawings are often done on paper with graphite and details with colour. I often present my drawings in installations, the drawings can vary in size and format. When I work site-specific I often choose to work with the history or hidden memories of the place, for example in the art piece “Skiften” or “Studie nr. 11 (rekonstruerat platsminne)”.

My name is Hanna Romin and I am born in Uppsala 1987 and currently live in Gothenburg. I have a Master Degree of Fine Arts from Valand Academy and a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from Konstfack. I have exhibited in Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, Japan and Indonesia.